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what we do

We combine design, coding, and craft.

Our speciality are small businesses and start-ups. We can take you from concept to completion in a few achievable steps. Whether you lack the time or experience, we are here to help.

We cater for different budgets and have flexible packages. We handcraft WordPress themes from scratch to avoid unnecessary code and overuse of plugins. This results in super light and fast websites for desktop and mobile. Less is more.

Are you thinking of a Blog, Shop, Company, or Personal Project? Please tell us what you imagine and we will do our best to make it happen.

What we offer

Think of us as creative problem solvers

Our themes are easy to update and fully customised to suit your needs. We work fast and effectively without compromising quality.




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Who we are

About us

Fiorella is our designer and crochet addict. She is a multi-media artist with experience in marketing and film production. She loves designing websites and also teaches an art&science club for children. She speaks English, Spanish, and German. Check out more about her work at www.fiorellalavado.com.

Thibaud is our full stack developer and part time cat sitter. He has been writing code for advertising and the tourism industry. He is passionate about coding, uses the latest technologies, and follows the industry's best practices. He speaks English and French. Find out more on his LinkedIn profile.

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Please drop us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Fiorella & Thibaud: contact@cloudylab.co.uk